Wintrell Pittman


Homosexuality, A.I.D.S and Voodoo: (And It's True)

If you want excitement then this is the book for you! You get first hand knowledge about what went on in the very neighborhood where Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated. If you want to laugh, read about Ray and his friends teenage adventures as they meander their way through the rough and tough streets of Memphis Tennessee before Beale St. was safe to visit.
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This book is truly amazing!I was a '60s child and the author was right on target. I was glued to this book like bees to honey!!!I couldn't get enough of this book. After you read this book, if you don't believe, you will!My heart goes out to the writer for the tragedies that he experienced, but he came to a realization that every human being living on the earth needs to be aware of and realize. He's said what I've always known all along. His story of triumph,realization and strength is truly amazing and glorifying. It takes a man of God to stand up for what he stood for, admit his shortcomings and stand by others in need regardless of who they are or what they've done. We all fall short. My goodness!I can't say enought about this book. It should wake a lot of people up. I lived in the same housing project and Cudoz!!!!to his mom for watching over and taking care of her kids the best that she could. Now that's a MOTHER!She couldn;t control what her kids did when they were away from her and it's unfortunate what happened to two of them. God and Love prevailed. God worked thru this young man to work to help save his brothers souls. All of us need to try and save our souls. Hell is Real!
Everyone's life is on a different path and the path was chosen, it wasn't by mistake. Glory be to the Almighty that this man lived to tell the story!Keep up the glorius work My Brother. You are Truly Blessed!

-5/5 Amazon, J. Shaw

This book is a good read. Many books I've read did not have structure and did not get to the point. The author, Wintrelle Pitman, really sets out to discover the ills of these issues and how they affect us all. I would definitely recommend this book.
​-5/5 Amazon, unknown